Recology specializes in producing the highest quality landscape materials including barks, mulches, and soil amendments.  Recology landscape products are all made from wood feedstock collected and recovered from residential and commercial sources.  After processing, Recology mulches are put to a variety of productive uses in landscape and reclamation projects.  Recology aims to eliminate waste by making the best and highest use of all valuable resources.  In fact, Recology landscape products are another way in which we close the recycling loop and WASTE ZERO.

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 Bunkers of landscape products at Recology Grover Environmental Products Vernalis

Bunkers at Recology Blossom Valley Organics (Modesto) hold a wide variety of landscape products.  Contact Recology to purchase recycled barks, mulches and compost.


Exired Christmas trees are put through a chipper to recycle them




Used and expired Christmas trees provide a seasonal feedstock for recycled Recology bark and mulch products.




Grover Decorative Bark Installation




Recology decorative products can dramatically improve the aesthetics of your landscaping project.