Custom Blends

Recology specializes in the production of custom compost blends.  Recology takes great pride in creating custom blends using our signature Recology compost combined with additional amendments, such as rock phosphate, gypsum, lime, sulfate, and potassium to meet your agriculture and landscaping needs.  Nutrient-rich compost returns nutrients and organic matter to soils.  Additional amendments further boost and balance macro- and micro-nutrient levels.  Recology compost blends give growers a natural alternative to chemical fertilizers.

Having your soil amendments blended together can make land application simple. Contact your local Recology facility to find out how we can tailor a custom blend to satisfy for your growing needs.

Every harvest removes nutrients from the soil.  Recology compost blends provides a natural and healthy way to revive and rejuvenate these soils.  Specially tailored Recology compost blends will effectively enhance your product growth and exceed your harvest expetations.


custom blends1

Recology can create custom blends to satisfy your agricultural and landscaping needs. 
Recology compost is a healthy and natural alternative to chemical fertilizers.


A handful of a Recology custom blended product

Recology customizes the blends to your specifications.