About Recology Compost

Compost can make all the difference in your growing needs. Adding compost to your agricultural crops, nursery stock, home garden or landscape not only helps generate healthier soil and plants, it also increases microbial activity while returning nutrients to the earth.

At Recology, we make it possible for the communities we serve to reduce, reuse, recycle, and Recologize™! To Recologize is to make the best and highest use of all resources we manufacture, consure, recover and remanufactureAs pioneers in resource recovery, we find ways to do more with such resources as food scraps and yard trimmings by producing compost to help return nutrients to the soil.  No longer are these materials landfill-bound. Instead, the Recology compost developed becomes a nutrient-rich soil amendment that contributes to increased crop yields and improves the overall health of plants.

Each of our Recology composting facilities is permitted and operated in compliance with state regulations and EPA standards.  Recology compost products are manufactured to the highest standards of the U.S. Composting Council Seal of Testing Assurance program (STA), assuring that no pesky seeds, weeds, or pathogens contaminate our final product.

Most Recology composting facilities also provide Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI) listed materials. Our decision to use this listing agency is in response to the needs of local growers who are producing their crops using organic and sustainable practices. These growers enjoy using Recology compost and apply the product with added confidence based on the OMRI listing. To learn more about the OMRI certification criteria, click on the logos below.

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As the legendary social commentator and humorist Will Rogers once said, “They’re making more people every day - but they ain’t making any more dirt.” Some farming methods today are degrading soils so it is important that we reintroduce nutrients and organic matter back to the land where it originated.

Make the sustainable choice to apply Recology compost today.  Feeding the earth well is good for us today and into the future. 

Top 10 Benefits to using Recology Compost: greenbin

  1. Recology compost is a good alternative to chemical fertilizers because compost doesn't pollute groundwater, wells, or waterways.
  2. Recology compost keeps organic materials out of landfills, which reduces methane gas emissions.
  3. Recology compost sequesters carbon deep in the soil, especially when used to grow cover crops like mustard or beans.
  4. Recology compost promotes healthy microbial activity in the soil, providing micronutrients to plant roots and discouraging soil diseases.
  5. Recology compost improves soil structure, thereby protecting topsoil from erosion.
  6. Recology compost aids water retention and the conservation of this precious resource when applied to soil.
  7. Recology compost helps grow plants rich with nutrients that promote good health.
  8. Recology compost creates green jobs to support communities and the economy.
  9. Recology compost is great for the environment.
  10. Recology compost returns returns food scraps in its original form as desirable fruits, vegetables, and fine wines.  Bon appetite!



Locate your nearest Recology Compost facility now to learn more about products offered near you and to place an order.

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